To continue working in Russia will be able 53 the Turkish construction companies

To continue working in Russia will be able 53 the Turkish construction companies

Moscow. December 30. The Russian authorities provided the Turkish stroykompany 53 authority to extend the contracts under the projects and to the completion of the construction work, said the Minister of construction and housing utilities of the Russian Federation Mikhail Men told reporters on Wednesday in Ivanovo.

“Contracts with Turkish construction companies, which are enclosed, and are completed in Russia as of 31 December of the current year and have a certain period of time, they will be continued and implemented, and completed. Then, with regard to new construction projects, we no longer expect Turkish companies to our market. And what is true of a certain kind of exceptions to the rule, there is a certain list of companies, 53 of the Turkish company, which will continue to work. All others will replace our construction companies, and today the competence of our companies,” the Minister said.

This list includes companies that implement unique projects, including in preparation for the world football Championship 2018.

In turn, the assistant Minister Oleg Rakitov stated that the list of construction companies from Turkey, who will be able to claim the extension of contracts to completion of construction prepared by the Ministry of economic development on the basis of proposals of the Ministry of construction. “In the construction of large facilities is often several of the contracts: first year, then it may be extended for two, to a complete facility”, – he explained.

Earlier it was reported that companies under the jurisdiction of Turkey or controlled by citizens of this country, is prohibited from 1 January 2016 to engage Russia in the construction, tourism, hotel business, as well as activities in the field of engineering and services for state and municipal needs.