Aksenov about the proposals of Ukraine: “forced love” is not

Aksenov about the proposals of Ukraine: “forced love” is not

SIMFEROPOL, December 31. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov considers unacceptable the proposal of Ukraine to include in the contract for the supply of electricity in the Crimea formulation, where the Peninsula is designated as part of “independence”. He said this to journalists.

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“Let them go all out with such proposals. I consider it unacceptable to hang up on the hook Blackmailers and terrorists who lie to people by saying that Crimea will return to Ukraine. It will never happen. We want to intimidate to get you to love him by force. They will not succeed,” he said.

The night before it became known that stopped the flow on line “Kakhovka-Titan” – one of the four strands going to the Peninsula from Ukraine. Aksenov called the event in Ukraine in the night of 31 December a terrorist attack.

Thus, according to the head of the Republic, the electricity situation in the Crimea is controlled, so Aksenov has no doubt that the inhabitants of the Peninsula are ready to completely abandon the Ukrainian electricity. “The President has decided to conduct a sociological survey. I the decision of the President support fully. We will wait for the opinions of people. But I know what will be the answer,” he explained.

The head of Crimea assured that residents will not remain without heat. “Given the lower temperature there is overspending in some municipalities due to the fact that people began to turn on heaters. I have decided to increase the temperature at the CHP plant, including increasing the consumption of fuel to raise the temperature in homes. Sure to go through this situation with honor and dignity,” – said Aksenov.

The state of emergency operating in Crimea as of 22 November, when the Peninsula was completely de-energized because of the erosion of the supports. Then went down all four power lines coming from Ukraine. The situation has improved with the launch on 2 December the first leg of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region, and the December 15 of the second leg has increased its capacity to 400 MW. Two more strands of the power bridge total the same capacity to be commissioned in the spring that would make the Crimea independent from Ukrainian electricity.

Line “Kakhovka-Titan”, was launched on 8 December. For her the electricity supplied to the Northern areas of the Peninsula. The other three lines don’t work anymore.

“There was a terrorist attack”

Aksenov has called the attack an interruption of the supply of electricity from Ukraine to the Peninsula on the night of December 31.

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“Today there was a terrorist attack, undermined one of the pillars, or fallen. In the media there is information that the Minister of energy Novak said that Ukraine needs to introduce in the contract a clause stating that Crimea is territory of Ukraine”, – said Aksenov journalists.

“The fact that one leg of the fallen. Whatever they did – not know – stupid jigsaw sawed or undermined, I don’t know. Everyone has their views on the attacks has”, – said Aksenov.

“The Russian Federation and cope with such difficulties. Crimeans a good school. I personally believe that all services will do the job of President. And by may 1, Crimea will be fully provided with electricity,” – said the head of the Crimea.

Aksenov called the power supply of the Peninsula controlled.

“In the Republic the electricity situation is under control. The staffs work in a regular mode. In 18 hours we will have our teleconference with the regions, – he told journalists.

“The temperature dropped, but nevertheless there is heating, energy is fed according to schedules. The whole situation is under control, the lives of citizens threatens nothing. All the headquarters will work round the clock. New year will be, I am sure, safely under full control of the authorities”, – said Aksenov.

“We live in the mode of rolling blackouts. We are trying primarily to provide housing stock, and we will have a distribution. No questions will be”, – assured the head of the Crimea.

Aksenov also said that he gave instructions to increase the temperature of the CHP. “I am sure, to go through this situation with honour and dignity”, – said Aksenov.

Aksenov supported the proposal of the President of the Russian Federation on holding of the poll before concluding the contract on electricity supplies to the Peninsula with Ukraine.

“The President has decided to conduct a sociological survey. I the decision of the President support fully. We will wait for the opinions of people. But I know what will be the answer”, – said Aksenov journalists.