Latest “electronic ballot boxes” and electronic voting complexes is presented in the CEC

MOSCOW, December 31. Complexes of processing of ballots (Koby, the so-called e-boxes) and the device touchscreen voting (USG) of new generation were presented on Thursday at the CEC.

Developers of electronic devices for voting is FGUP NII “Voskhod”. Now the CEC uses Koby 2010, only the Commission has more than 5 thousand devices. Also the CEC has 1 thousand complexes of electronic voting.

According to the representative of the developer, coib-2015 has a built-in rechargeable battery, seven-inch color touch screen, and the ability to use any language that is used in Russia. In addition, there is provided the additional protection of ballot papers against counterfeiting. A new model of “electronic ballot boxes” compatible with koib-2010 and the state automated system “Elections”.

It is also possible to connect to Coiba additional external screen, which, according to the representative of the developer, “allows you to make the voting process more transparent and accessible to all at a polling station”.

In addition, FSUE research Institute “Voskhod” presented the touch device of balloting, which, allegedly, is a unique Russian development. USG is a small case, which is touch screen.

“This is a reliable way to vote, because not using paper ballots, errors are eliminated during the counting of votes… the Device contains intuitive interface, identical to the appearance of the Bulletin”, – said the representative of “Sunrise”.