Media: the price of a barrel of oil will exceed in 2016, $50, Belgium will become the champion of TH

Media: the price of a barrel of oil will exceed in 2016, $50, Belgium will become the champion of TH

LONDON, December 31. By tradition of last years Financial Times newspaper unveiled on Thursday a picture of the world in 2016. Predictions edition of the British business community the most diverse domains, from results of the U.S. presidential election and oil prices to the Victor of the upcoming summer in France of the European championship on football.

The Clinton victory is guaranteed?

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On exciting the passions of the presidential election in the United States the victory, according to experts of the newspaper will defeat Hillary Clinton, the current contender for the highest office from the Democratic party. In a tense struggle she will beat his Republican opponent Ted Cruz. The Democrats will regain the majority in the Senate. “But Clinton will begin his term in a very polarized Washington, the article says. – (Political) honeymoon will not.”

Britain will remain in EU

Despite the best efforts of skeptics to do everything possible to ensure that the UK left the EU, which, according to them, does not take into account the interests of the British, the United Kingdom will remain part of the community. This will happen as a result of the referendum, which could take place in 2016, experts say. “Britain will vote to stay in the European Union, indicate they. – Ultimately, the innate common sense of the British voter will prevail”.

The price of oil should increase

In the coming year, the price of a barrel of oil will exceed $50, predicts the Financial Times. “The oil market in 2015, has been ill for a number of its representatives, – said in the article. – Persistence developers of shale oil, as well as increased level of oil production in Iraq and Saudi Arabia led to a glut of the market of “black gold”. In the coming year as a result of the lifting of sanctions against Iran in the world market may be even more oil. “And yet financial anguish oil producers in the world will force them to abandon some projects and reduce drilling programs, which, in turn, will translate into lower supply. The consequences of this trend are obvious – the cost of oil mixture Brent below $50 a barrel is too low for the industry in the field of investment necessary to invest to meet growing global demand”. Oil prices should return to more sustainable price level, according to the newspaper.

The Belgian team is the favorite of EURO 2016

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Could not get past the analysts and such holiday sports lovers of the Old world, as the summer championship of Europe on football in France. In the Financial Times have no doubt that the victory will win the Belgian national team, “the best team in the world, according to the latest FIFA rankings”. “This small country has produced a number of very good players, including Eden hazard, Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku. The aggregate market value of these three stars playing in the English Premier League, reaches 150 million pounds ($222 million). “The more experienced national team of Germany, and the technical – national team of Spain, but the Belgian team not far behind now from the giants in these qualities,” says the publication.

Russian athletes will take part in the Olympic games 2016

Continuing the sports theme, the staff of the Financial Times expressed confidence that the Russian national team in athletics will take part in the Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. “Political will (against it) does not exist, – emphasizes the newspaper. Moscow and the West try to minimize the consequences of the report of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency about some egregious violations in athletics”. In order to qualify in Brazil, the Russians need to take decisive action and restore order in the sport, says Financial Times.