Putin congratulated the Russians happy New year

Putin congratulated the Russians happy New year

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, December 31. The country’s success depends on efficient work of each and the history of the fathers and grandfathers helps the Russians to adequately respond to modern challenges. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin in his new year speech that shortly after midnight aired in the far East. However, he stressed the Russian military, new year’s eve are serving in far away areas.

“Traditionally celebrate this holiday with family, with my closest friends,” he said in a statement shortly after midnight aired in the far East. “Of course, not everyone is able to celebrate the New year with family – have to work in hospitals and in industries, to perform service and military duty, to protect the border, to carry on constant duty, ensuring our safety”, – said the President “We are grateful to all, who day and night, weekdays and holidays, always on duty”, – said Putin.

Today, I’d like to congratulate those of our soldiers who are fighting international terrorism, defending national interests of Russia in the far frontiers

Vladimir Putin

To contribute to the homeland

Putin said the military is inherent in such quality as will, determination and strength of character. “These qualities are necessary to us everywhere, always and in any case,” he said. “The country’s success depends on effective work and achievements of each of us,” he said. The President stressed that all Russian people “are United by the same goals: a desire to benefit the Motherland, responsibility for its destiny”.

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Putin recalled that in the outgoing year Russia celebrated the 70th anniversary of the great Victory. “Our story, the experience of fathers and grandfathers, their unity in difficult times, and strength of spirit are a great example to us”, – he said. “They helped and will help us to adequately respond to modern challenges” , – said the President.

The head of state noted that, facing a New year with relatives, all feel particularly acute, as the roads close to them people. The President wished all parents were healthy and warmed up by children for young people to grow smart and active, and love and compassion for all become a mainstay in everyday Affairs. Putin proposed a toast to the success, joy and happiness and for the prosperity and welfare of Russia.