Putin signed the law on the abolition of exams for Belarusians when obtaining residence permit

MOSCOW, December 30. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a law that exempted citizens of Belarus from the exams on Russian language, history and basics of Russian legislation for obtaining a permit for temporary residence or residence permit in the Russian Federation. The document published on the portal of legal information.

“The adoption of the Federal law will contribute to the further development of integration processes in the territory of the Union state and strengthen the state Union of Russia and Belarus in General”, – stated in the accompanying documents to the bill.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, speaking at a press conference after negotiations with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, said the decision not to extend to citizens of Belarus the regulations on the knowledge of Russian language, Russian history and legislation of the Russian Federation in obtaining permission for temporary residence in the Russian Federation. According to the Russian leader, the simplification of migration rules of the Russian Federation for citizens of Belarus is in the nature of partnership between the two countries.