Results 2015: the American companies – leaders of world economy

Moscow. December 30. In the ranking of 100 most valuable companies in the world, traditionally published at the end of the year, the newspaper Handelsblatt, more than half of the companies – American, German six, a Russian – none.

Company with the letter “A” at the head of the rating

By the end of 2015 American Apple remained the most valuable company in the world. Its market capitalization is about 549 billion euros. It’s more than the GDP of Sweden for 2014.

2nd place went to Alphabet, “mother” company, Google. By the end of 2014 Google had occupied the 5th spot. The Google search engine, YouTube, Android and other Google products/Alphabet allowed her by the end of 2015 to achieve a capitalization of 474 billion Euro.

The giants of the Internet age

Next, with a small margin to be Microsoft, for the year lowered the rating on one line. In 2015, the global leader in software for personal computers has released a new version of its flagship product – the Windows operating system 10.

Thus, the three global giants are now exclusively IT company of the new era.

USA: Not only IT companies

But outside of this branch of the American company confidently retain the world championship.

In the top ten of the current Handelsblatt ranking and the more traditional industries: oil producer Exxon Mobil (5th place), a diversified company General Electric (8th place), pharmaceutical Johnson & Johnson (9th place), the Bank Wells Fargo (10th place).

“Leap year”

The founder and Executive Director Jeff Bezos is this year is every reason for rejoicing. A leading seller of goods and services of mass consumption on the Internet and one of the first in the world of online retailers soared to 6-th position of the Handelsblatt ranking from 42nd in 2014.

Facebook continues to grow

The top ten ranking and got Facebook. The number of participants in this social network in 2015, reaching $ 1.4 billion. In addition, the company owns the application for sharing photos and videos Instagram and WhatsApp messenger.

Facebook’s market capitalization amounted to 270 billion Euro, that was enough for 7th place in the ranking.

The German company

The first of the German companies included in 2015 in the Handelsblatt ranking can be found on 66-th line. It is a chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer, with a market capitalization of 96 billion euros.

In addition, the list includes the manufacturer of the software for enterprise SAP (73rd place), automaker Daimler (81st place), engineering company Siemens (88th place) and telecommunications Deutsche Telekom (92-place) and insurer Allianz (95th place).

Automaker Volkswagen this year took off from first hundred rating, which was the consequence of the scandal connected with the measurement of exhaust fumes of diesel engines.

Companies from the USA dominates

The most expensive non-us company has become Industial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) ranked in the rank 11th position.

Among the first hundred of the list, Handelsblatt, more than half of companies (54) from the US. From Europe came in the top 26 companies from Asia – 17. In this case there are no representatives of the African continent.