Sales have traditionally grown, but were unable to beat last year’s results

Sales have traditionally grown, but were unable to beat last year’s results

MOSCOW, December 30. The traditional pre-new year period, the excitement among the buyers observed this year, but in 2015, the Russians were less active and more selective with purchases than a year earlier. This was told by the interviewed retailers.

The most popular goods chosen by the Russians as a new year gift, traditionally a consumer electronics, note retailers.

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“By November of this year, sales in December increased by 31%, which may talk about the preparation of active citizens for the new year holidays – during this period, buying equipment and gadgets not only for themselves but also as gifts,” – said the representative of “M. Video” Olga Kobzareva.

However, sales surpassed last year’s result. “Last year, sales in the new year period was a large part of the investment purchases caused by the devaluation of the ruble. If you compare with sales of December 2013, growth in December was 13% in monetary terms,” he added Kobzarev.

In “the Messenger” also seeing an increase in sales before the New year, stressing that to compare them with the hype of the last year “is not very correct because in 2014 a strong influence on demand provided a growth factor of exchange rates, further stimulate the purchase of luxury gadgets”, said the representative of the company Maria Zaikina. New year hype has not bypassed and “Euroset”. “Based on sales of the major players in the market, for the first 3 weeks of December 2015 in relation to the last three weeks of November, 2015 in the smartphone market increase in the number was 24% , in revenue of 29%. The tablet market during the period under review showed an increase of 32% in units, in money – 31%,” – said PR Director Ulyana Smolskaya.

Sales growth before the new year MegaFon was 40%, and in the “Beeline” – 20%, according to the companies. In MTS see a similar trend. “We recorded a fold increase of sales of gadgets in their salons, but the trend growth is less than last year, when we saw high demand for gadgets due to the volatility of the ruble”, – said the representative of the company Dmitry Solodovnikov.

The brand makes a difference

“Buyers continue to pay attention to the brand – for them buying art remains the possibility of investment. When choosing electronics buyers increasingly pay attention to a trusted brand and optimum functionality,” said Kobzarev. Leaders of sales in money terms in December of this year are TVs Samsung and iPhone 6/6S in various modifications. In addition, high demand small appliances, accessories and smart gadgets, said the company.

“Traditionally, the gadgets are considered one of the most popular and desired gifts for the New year. The most popular in December 2015 steel smartphones from manufacturers such as Lenovo, Fly, LG,” said Smolsky. The average price of smartphones rose 16% to 12 thousand rubles, compared with the pre period a year earlier. “The popularity of smartphones and tablets associated with a large selection of new models in various price categories and functionality,” – says Smolsky.

However, in the “Connected” notice that the Russians have more to look at the gadgets of the middle price segment. “In December, the Russians traditionally bought more flagship devices than in other months, especially the major networks offer flexible installment plans. But this year, some customers still had to opt for a more budget gadgets,” commented a company representative. So, the big mover in 2015 showed all the brands Lenovo, LG, ZTE. “Changed the structure of the purchases: customers tend to save money and to more carefully analyze the value and functionality of the gadgets,” – said Zaikina.

MegaFon also watches changes in consumer preferences. “The main change is that people began to choose more At-brands (brands lower price segment – approx. ed.) . If in 2014 in the TOP 5 on the market includes Samsung and Apple, in 2015 they were joined Alcatel and Lenovo”, – explained the official representative of Yulia Dorokhina. In the “Beeline” the most popular gadgets have become the smartphone “Beeline смарт5”, ZTE Blade and iPhone 5s/6/6s, said the representative of the company Anna Imasheva. MTS has recorded record sales of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or SamsungGalaxyNote 5, Solodovnikov stressed, adding that the average check in the new year period compared to November increased by 10-15%.

“Bestsellers electronics last year – external hard drives lost in top 10 budget smartphones”, – reported a press-the Secretary “Eldorado” Yulia Zavyalova. In addition, popular toys and LEGO designers, a TV 40-42″, Sony PS3. “In small household appliances traditionally high demand blenders, irons, meat grinders”, – she added.

Christmas table

Choosing products for new year’s table, the Russians are trying to find ways to save money while maintaining traditional preferences: choose private label products (private label retailers) and promotions.

“Undoubtedly the current economic situation has influenced the purchasing activity of Russians: they have to reconsider their behavior, buying commodities stock and choosing own-brand networks,” said the spokesman X5 (includes “Crossroads”, “Pyaterochka” and “Carousel”), Oleg Poletaev. So, in “Crossroads”, the share of goods purchased on promotions, new years week increased by 12% compared with the same period of 2014. In “Carousel” promotional sales has increased in 1,5 times.

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“We note that the buyer has become more price sensitive and, consequently, attentive to promotional activities,” confirmed the trend Director for external communications Dixy Catherine Kamanina, adding that the shopping cart was a little more than cheaper products, as peers every second buyer chooses the goods under its own trademarks.

The traditional set of products for the festive table remained popular in this year, say retailers. “Demand shows no changes in traditional basket buyers. Composing festive menus, customers from year to year prefer popular ingredients for salads, choose a champagne and fruit”, – said Kamanina.

In “Carousel” the greatest demand is noted for salmon caviar, tangerines, bananas, chicken and pork ham, trout and salmon, as well as sparkling wines and champagnes, explained Poletaev. “By the end of December last year, the greatest demand in the retail chain “Perekrestok” in the new year period used chicken, sausage and pork, salmon ROE, cheese, milk chocolate, champagne, Christmas sweet gifts. We believe that our customers this year will not change,” he added.

In “Metro” noticed an increased demand for gift sets. “Customers purchase their corporate gifts for your business partners, and each year, these gift sets are in high demand,” explained a company representative in Russia Oksana Tokareva.