Sechin: “Rosneft” in 2015, sold on market $45.5 billion

Sechin: “Rosneft” in 2015, sold on market $45.5 billion

MOSCOW, December 31. OJSC “NK “Rosneft” in 2015, increased hydrocarbons production by 0.8% to 254 million tonnes of oil equivalent and sold in the currency market to $45.5 billion, according to the comments and new year’s congratulation of the Chairman of the Board of the company Igor Sechin.

“Igor Sechin has informed on record-the extraction of hydrocarbons in 2015 254 million toe oil Refining at all facilities of the company amounted to almost 97 million tonnes in the new tax regime”, – stated in the message on the website.

Also in 2015, the company has contributed to the stabilization of the financial system, implementing on market $45.5 billion

“The company has completed crisis 2015 extremely productive, signing, sportwe at the finish line, sign a contract with PKN Orlen to supply an additional 18 to 25.2 million tonnes of oil to Poland. The agreement demonstrates the competitiveness of Russian companies, guarantees the preservation of the share of our traditional market, providing the basic consumption of the country”, – said Sechin. He also added that the company made the full transition to production of motor fuels of ecological standard “Euro-5” on all the company’s refineries.

“Rosneft” continues to lead in the contribution to the Federal budget of the Russian Federation: by the end of 2015 about 20% of budget revenues,” – said Sechin.

As previously reported, in 2014 the production of hydrocarbons of Rosneft amounted to 252 million tonnes of oil equivalent, processing 100 million tons, in the foreign exchange market, the company sold $93 billion Thus, the extraction grew 0.8%, processing was down 3%, sell the currency – twice.

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