The Russian foreign Ministry: the U.S.-led coalition simulates the fight against the “Islamic state”

The Russian foreign Ministry: the U.S.-led coalition simulates the fight against the “Islamic state”

MOSCOW, December 31. It seems that the U.S.-led coalition simulates combat, not a terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG).

This was stated in an interview with Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Oleg Syromolotov.

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“Actions driven USA antiepilepsy coalition in Syria, in principle, illegitimate – openly violated the sovereignty of that state, because the bombing of Syria to the coalition forces nor the UN Security Council, nor Damascus – Syria’s legitimate government, permission was not given,” he said.

According to him, on this background, only exacerbated by distortions that manifest themselves, in particular, that the last time the coalition attacked, for example, mainly the oil installations in Syria, not in Iraq. “At the same time confused by the fact that “effectiveness” of such attacks somehow increases dramatically in the eve of important international events related to the countering and the settlement in Syria,” – continued the Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

“Suffice it to say that American pilots, flying in the skies over Syria and Iraq, “did not notice” column of fuel tankers of smuggled oil, the supply of terrorist forces, – noted the diplomat. In General, it seems that the American coalition is a prisoner of his politicized approach and, rather, simulates the fighting is”.

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“It is important for the French, the British and the Germans, having a complex internal debate in their countries on the use of force against ISIS, were finally able to make a real contribution to the fight against this terruptible, said Syromolotov. – This requires a firm reliance on international law, the willingness to coordinate actions with Russia, strictly observing the UN Charter, and the legitimate authorities of Syria and Iraq”.

In this regard, the Deputy Minister reminded that Russia suggested the Western partners to provide available information in relation to objects of IG. “The answers were, to put it mildly, evasive, he stated. In these circumstances, it is difficult to speak about efficiency of actions driven the U.S. coalition, even though the power connection of a number of its European members.”

Unlike the opposition, the terrorists don’t seek to solve domestic problems in Syria

The line between terrorists and the opposition in Syria is obvious to any objective observer, noted Syromolotov.

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“Terrorist groups in Syria at the head of ISIL (the former name of the grouping “Islamic state”) and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” have no interest to resolve political and other issues and controversies in the country, for them it is just an excuse to put global misanthropic goal,” he said.

“Of course, definable, distinguishable terrorists and their methods – intimidation, attacks on civilians, mass violence against the innocent,” continued the Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

According to him, against the terrorists operating against Russia, and those who are operating in Syria and in the entire Middle East region, only “notorious “double standards” will allow States to identify terrorists, not to know them, looking at them in full”. “And then we are talking about some form of encouraging terrorism by those States, using it for political interests,” he said.

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“In Syria there are political forces who seek their country for a better life, stability and prosperity, justice – drew the attention Syromolotov. – They can be significantly different position from the government of Bashar al-Assad, and to defend their positions, they at some point decided even with arms in their hands. Maybe, again, provoked to it by some “well-wishers” from the outside. But in the end, and for these forces is the way to peace – within the framework of the ongoing process of political settlement”.

“These processes can and should help the world community, but will solve all the Syrian people and only he” – said a senior Russian diplomat.

Work on the list of terrorist groups in Syria acceptable to all, has not yet been completed

In addition, according to him, the Russian side still considers it unnecessary to publish their proposals for the list operating in Syria of the terrorist groups that must be excluded from the political settlement process.

“Work on the list of terrorist groups in Syria acceptable to all, has not yet been completed, said Syromolotov. – An accurate list of our assumptions on candidates in the terrorist list I I won’t disclose it’s still part of the process of coordination of positions, which should unite all members of the International support group Syria, and the haste, and even publicity here, probably now unnecessary.”

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He also noted that the terrorist group “Jaish al-Islam”, which is involved in the shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus in may of this year, should not participate in the negotiations for a political settlement of the Syrian crisis.

For this group, a long list of terrorist acts, he said. “It is also important to note that under the banner “Jaish al-Islam” has recruited many fighters from “dzhebhat EN-Nusra”, is recognized as a terrorist by the UN Security Council and an affiliate of the notorious “al-Qaeda”, – said the Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“The American side, not really counting the “Jaish al-Islam”, “moderate opposition”, sometimes offers to discuss the inclusion of this organization as a party to negotiations for a political settlement in Syria, drew the attention Syromolotov. – We did not agree and speak about it to the Americans.”