Residents of THOR in the far East will be checked only with the consent of the Ministry

Residents of THOR in the far East will be checked only with the consent of the Ministry

VLADIVOSTOK, January 1. /Corr. Natalia Nikulina/. Any checks of the residents of the territories of advanced development (TOR) in the far East will be carried out only with the consent of the Minister, have informed in a press-service of the Ministry.

“All the checks of the residents of THOR, scheduled and unscheduled, can only be done with the consent of the Ministry. We proceed from the presumption of innocence. We need to allow businesses to grow, and not to create obstacles”, – the press service quoted the Minister for Far East development Alexander Galushka.

Ministry will approve annual audit plans. In addition, representatives of the office of the management company and THOR will be able to be present during inspections.

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The procedure checks the resident THOR

The regulation on the procedure for conducting scheduled inspections of residents of the Tori, which comes into force on 1 January, approved by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

According to the document, checking in with residents are held in the form of joint scheduled inspections by authorized bodies for all types of state supervision and municipal control, except for the types of state control as specified in part 31 of article 1 of the Federal law of 26 December 2008 №294 “On protection of rights of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs when exercising state control (supervision) and municipal control”.

Excluded species include: monitoring foreign investment, state control over economic concentration, control and supervision in financially-budgetary sphere, tax control, currency control, customs control, port state control, control over payment of insurance contributions to state extra-budgetary funds control in the financial markets, banking supervision, insurance supervision, supervision of the national payment system, the state control over clearing activities.

Far Eastern TOR

Federal law “On territories of advancing socio-economic development in the Russian Federation” (TOR) was adopted by the state Duma on December 23, 2014 and approved by the Federation Council on 25 December 2014. According to the law, TOR is created 70 years by decision of the government of the Russian Federation on proposal of the authorized Federal body.

Only in the far Eastern Federal district in 2015 created 9 TORR. Two of them are located in the Khabarovsk territory, the volume of declared investments – about 23 billion rubles. THOR “Khabarovsk” includes three sites, they will be placed transport and logistics centers, agricultural production and food industry enterprises, factories on manufacture of building materials and others. THOR in “Komsomolsk” also three sites for engineering projects, woodworking power and others.

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Two TOR operate in Primorye. The key project “Nadezhda” will become a transport and logistics complex, operates the first enterprise. THOR “Michael” will specialize in the placement of large farms and centers of deep processing and logistics of agricultural products.

TOR “Kamchatka” provides for the development of the port-industrial and tourism and recreation industries. The claimed extra-budgetary investments anchor residents in the first phase of the project is not less than 28 billion rubles.

In the top of the “Amur” in the Amur region will be built a plant for the treatment of cement clinker, oil refineries, major logistics center. The second in the region TOR “Belogorsk” will specialize in agriculture.

“Industrial Park “Kangalassy” in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will have industrial specialization. Residents will be enterprises producing construction, energy and industrial materials from local raw materials.

THOR “Beringovsky” will be created on the territory of the group’s coal deposits in Chukotka Autonomous district. It is expected that in the future will be residents of an enterprise on extraction and processing of natural gas.

Tenth THOR should appear in the city of Bolshoi Kamen in Primorye on the basis of shipbuilding plant “Zvezda”, it is planned that the document on its creation will be submitted to the government before 1 February. Recently approved the first Torah on Sakhalin – “Mountain air” and “South”. In their framework, the region will develop a tourism and a number of projects in agriculture that will improve food security of Sakhalin and Kurils.