Aksenov accused the Ukrainian authorities in the propagation of the “cult of executioners and traitors”

SIMFEROPOL, January 2. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov called it shameful tradition of promotion of Ukrainian nationalists, which on 1 January to celebrate the birthday of Stepan Bandera.

“Ukraine has begun the new year ritual torchlight procession of the Nazis. A shameful tradition. Wild the cult of executioners and traitors became the state ideology. This is a historic wine of the Kiev authorities before the Ukrainian people”, – said Aksenov in the statement released by his press service.

The head of the Crimea reminded that the UN General Assembly by a majority vote adopted a resolution on combating glorification of Nazism, proposed by Russia. For the resolution voted 133 countries, against – four.

“Among them, of course, Ukraine and the United States and Canada, he said. – The EU countries that suffered from the crimes of the Nazis and their supporters, abstained. Russophobia is more important than the victims of the Volyn massacre, arranged by spiritual leaders marching today in Ukraine thugs? Or about the victims of the Slovak uprising, in which suppression participated fighters of the UPA?”.

The birthday of Bandera

January 1, in honor of the birthday of Stepan Bandera, one of the founders and leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) – in many cities of Ukraine passed the torchlight procession.

Leader and ideologue of the Ukrainian nationalist movement of the twentieth century, Stepan Bandera, collaborated closely in the Second world war with Nazi Germany, which is the figure that divide in the modern Ukrainian society. Evaluation activities range from absolutely positive in several Western regions of the country to strongly negative on the rest of Ukraine.

Bandera in 1941-1959, he was the head of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists. On the conscience of the fighters of the OUN-UPA, which on behalf of the head of the movement became known as the Bandera, many crimes. They destroyed more than 100 thousand poles, Czechs, Jews in the Western Volyn region. Were brutally killed and thousands of Ukrainians who refused to cooperate with OUN. For this, as well as for terrorist activities before the war in modern Poland Bandera is considered a criminal and terrorist.