“AVTOVAZ” planned for 2016 two premiere

“AVTOVAZ” planned for 2016 two premiere

SAMARA, January 4. /Corr. Alexey Sokolov/. “AVTOVAZ” planned for 2016, two of the premiere, reported the press center of the automaker.

“In September 2016 must begin serial production of Lada Vesta Cross, in December – Lada Xray Cross”, – said the press center.

Cross-version will be released exactly one year after launching in September and December of 2015, serial production of the normal “West” and “Israel”. The Cross Vesta concept was presented in August 2015 in Moscow at the exhibition of offroadsters, crossovers and all-terrain vehicles and is an all terrain wagon. Xray Cross is expected to be a full SUV unlike urban crossover Lada Xray.

“Now we are working on new versions on the platform Xray that will allow us to expand the range of produced cars,” he said in December 2015, the head of the project Xray Oleg Grunenkov.

Xray sales will begin in February

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In February 2016 should go on sale Lada Xray, the production of which began on 15 December 2015. As stated earlier, the carmaker, this model along with Lada Vesta should become a catalyst for change the image of Lada in the Russian market and help greatly to strengthen the position of the brand in major Russian cities.

The car was created within cooperation of “AVTOVAZ” with the Alliance “Renault-Nissan”, the new products we developed over 500 original parts, production has been organized on the most modern Assembly lines of AVTOVAZ – B0.

Price model is still unknown. “For the price, we have not yet decided but it is planned that it will be less than 600 thousand rubles”, – said in November 2015 the President of “AVTOVAZ” Bo Andersson.

Only in 2016, AVTOVAZ plans to produce more than 20 thousand Lada Xray, although potentially Assembly line allows to produce 60 thousand cars a year.

Priora can be cheaper

In 2016 may begin the production of ultra low-cost Lada Priora. Earlier, the “Priory” was planned to be phased out in 2015. It was reported that they will be replaced by a new model of “Lada Vesta”. Later, however, the issue of “Prior” it was decided to extend until at least 2018.

However, in the fall of 2015 in the media have repeatedly reported about the plans of “AVTOVAZ” to end in December issue of “Prior” and the absence of this model in the production plan for 2016. It was also asserted that “AVTOVAZ” intends to abandon the production of five-door Lada 4×4.

However, in November, the automaker has announced plans to maintain production, “Prior”, as this model will be transferred to ultra low-cost segment.

Will be saved and the five-door Lada 4×4, it will be produced on an Assembly line Lada Priora. How much will it cost cheaper “Priora”, is not yet known.

The new products will go for export

It is planned that already in the beginning of 2016 “AVTOVAZ” will start the export of Lada Vesta and Lada Xray. This was announced by Vice-President of sales and marketing Denis Petrunin. In addition to the countries of the near abroad, where it is planned to deliver new models of Lada, among the vectors of development of export Vice-President of “AVTOVAZ” was outlined by the European countries, such as Italy, Germany and the Middle East.

“Where Euro-5, the export is planned to start in early 2016. In areas where Euro-6 be required to go through the certification process and increase the volume. There our product will appear later, but also in 2016,” said Petrunin.

Even before the start of serial production of Lada Xray in November 2015 “AVTOVAZ” announced the beginning of preparation of Lada Vesta and Xray to ecological standard Euro-6. “The new generation of cars Lada Vesta and Lada Xray will receive significant changes in the settings of the engine and the exhaust system for compliance with the ecological standard Euro-6”, – noted in the press center.

In particular, the machine will have an updated firmware for electronic pedal, sensor mass air flow with a digital output signal, the controller of the electronic engine management system (EDMS). Also will be used with increased catalyst loading of precious metals.

The authorities will begin to update the fleet

In January 2016, the government of the Samara region will begin the purchase of cars Lada Vesta for the officials. This was reported to journalists by the Governor of the region Nikolay Merkushkin.

“The purchase of Lada Vesta will begin in January 2016. The first batch will be of ten cars. Some of them will be an extended version of “Vesta” – the so-called Signature Lada Vesta”, – said Merkushin.

According to him, within two years by purchasing VAZ cars is planned to almost completely upgrade the entire fleet of the regional government – about 200 cars. Plans to replace the fleet Merkushin said in October 2014, explaining it by necessity of fiscal austerity.

Previously on “Frets” began to go all the management of “AVTOVAZ”. First shown by an example subordinates the President of “AVTOVAZ” Bo Andersson – the summer of 2014 he got behind the wheel of the first assembled in the plant Lada Largus VIP. All the service fleet of top managers of AVTOVAZ in 2014, he was transferred to the cars of a domestic production.