Putin instructed to consider the possibility of gas supplies to the Ukrainian Genichesk due to frost

MOSCOW, January 4. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has charged to work a question on possibility of deliveries of gas from Russia in Genichesk the Kherson area of Ukraine at the request of the mayor of this city in connection with strong frosts. This was reported by press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“On behalf of the residents of Genichesk the mayor of this city, due to low temperatures prevailing in recent days, appealed to the Russian side with a request to provide supply of gas to prevent residents from freezing,” said Sands.

“Vladimir Putin has considered this appeal and, on humanitarian grounds, has charged to work a question on possibility of provision of such supplies, to help the residents of Genichesk to survive severe frosts,” – said the spokesman.

In Henichesk 2 January 2016 due to the air temperature drops below 14 degrees and limited capacity of gas Small field there was decrease in the pressure in the municipal pipeline. As a result without gas remained 1.7 million subscribers.