Senator: the US and Russia should develop a common position on the conflict of Iran and Saudi Arabia

Senator: the US and Russia should develop a common position on the conflict of Iran and Saudi Arabia

MOSCOW, January 4. /Corr. Sergey Izotov/. First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir djabarov believes that the major global powers must speak with one voice on the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia and to facilitate the start of negotiations on stabilization of the situation in the region.

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“I think that the great powers, primarily the U.S. and Russia, major powers such as France, Britain, must now develop a common position on this situation and try in the framework of the UN security Council or in a different format to begin urgent negotiations to stabilize the situation (in the region)” – said Monday the Senator in conversation with the correspondent of TASS. He was confident that further strained relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia may lead, essentially, to military operations.

Djabarov believes that the fact that some countries (Sudan, Bahrain), after Saudi Arabia announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Iran, shows that “Islamic world is divided into two camps: Sunni and Shia”. “This is unacceptable. This reminds me of the middle ages, when there were famous religious war between Catholics and Protestants, Orthodox and Catholics. This is very bad, because our world is fraught with turmoil for all,” stated the first Deputy Chairman of the international Committee of the Federation Council. According to him, the consequences will have an impact on the oil and financial markets. “I don’t think us will be happy with the increase in oil prices in such conditions. I think it’s too expensive price (volatility) you must pay for all,” added the Senator.

The MP assessed the situation as difficult and noted that “Russia is peace proposals to reduce tensions in the region.”

January 2 evening, crowds of Iranian protesters enraged by death in Saudi Arabia, Shiite preacher Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, burst onto the territory of the Embassy in Tehran and consulates in Mashhad and caused material damage to diplomatic missions. Iranian peaceful means, the police forced the demonstrators to leave the territory of diplomatic missions. None of the Saudi diplomats were injured. The next day, Iranian police arrested 38 suspects in the attacks.

The attack on the Saudi Embassy was the reason for the gap Riyadh diplomatic relations with Tehran, the foreign Minister of the Kingdom announced on 3 January. Today about the recall its diplomats from Iran, after Saudi Arabia announced Bahrain and Sudan.