The dollar for the first time in December 2014 reached the level of 74 rubles due to the sharp drop of oil

The dollar for the first time in December 2014 reached the level of 74 rubles due to the sharp drop of oil

MOSCOW, January 6. Dollar rate to ruble during trading on the Moscow exchange increased in comparison with level of closing of previous trading session at 69 cents to 74,00 ruble – highest since 16 December 2014.

The Euro gained 70 cents and reached 79,42 ruble.

The Russian currency becomes cheaper after oil. The price of a futures contract with February delivery of Brent crude oil at today’s auction of the London exchange ICE dropped 2.3% to 35.6 per barrel – the lowest level since July 2004.

On the oil pressure decision of the state company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco to increase discounts on the basic grades of oil for consumers from Europe, explains the dynamics of oil prices, the expert of “BCS Express” Vasiliy Karpunin.

“0.6 of the dollar decreases the price of a barrel for the countries of Northwest Europe and $ 0.2 for the countries of the Mediterranean region. However, for American buyers mark Extra Light will drop by $0.5 per barrel”, – said the expert.

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The MICEX index at the opening of trading of the Moscow exchange on Wednesday fell by 0.12% to 1751,99 item.

Trading in Tokyo closed in the red after a nuclear test in the DPRK

Trades on the Tokyo stock exchange (TFB) closed down the main indicators.

At the end of trading the Nikkei stock prices reflect 225 leading companies in the country, fell 0.99% to 18191,32 item. The TOPIX index, reflecting the stock prices of all companies in the luxury of the first section of the exchange, fell by 1.05% to reach 1488,84 item.

Quotes in Tokyo at the opening of trading on Wednesday were able to stabilize after a two-day drop more than 3%. However, after reports of the DPRK’s test of a hydrogen bomb, the indicators went down. At certain moments the rate of decline exceeded 1.5 percent. Investors reacted negatively to the deterioration of the security situation on the Korean Peninsula, resulting in TFB closed at 11-week low.

The international situation now has a great influence on world stock markets. Instability in the middle East has now added the security issues on the Korean Peninsula, where North Korea claimed to have conducted another nuclear test

Kengo Suzuki
the representative of the investment Department at Mizuho Securities Co.

“While China will not cease to weaken the yuan, the situation on world markets will remain extremely volatile. Most likely, they are trying to increase revenues from exports. However, this adversely affects other areas of the economy, but also affects other countries, including Japan,” notes the analyst of this company Yutaka Miura.

Previously, the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei reported that Apple will reduce the release of new iPhone models – the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus 30% in the first quarter of the current year (January – March) due to low sales of the previous models of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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