The permanent representative of the Russian Federation: explosion in the DPRK was produced in 650 metres from previous nuclear tests

VIENNA, 7 January. /Corr. Mikhail Shcherbakov/. The explosion in the DPRK was produced in 650 metres from the site of previous nuclear tests. This was reported to journalists by the permanent representative of Russia to international organizations in Vienna Vladimir Voronkov following the meeting of the Preparatory Commission of the Treaty Organization comprehensive nuclear test ban (CTBTO).

Speaking about the findings, presented by experts of the CTBTO, the Russian diplomat said that “the explosion was carried out at a distance of 650 meters from the previous one”. “Clarified the parameters of power, it practically coincides with the explosion that was made in 2013, fluctuations in soil would be about the same”, he added. “As for the final conclusions (based on the emissions of radionuclides approx.), judging by weather conditions, the first of the noble gases can be captured from Friday to Saturday,” said Voronkov.

According to him, during the meeting, statements regarding the DPRK conducted tests were made by over 50 countries. “We emphasized that the solution to the current situation must be found within the framework of the negotiating process called for a resumption of negotiations within the framework of the six countries underlined the unacceptability of violations of international law and the existing documents in the sphere of North Korea,” – said the envoy.

He also stressed that “in Moscow I Express my deep concern regarding the statements of the North Korean leadership about the explosion of the hydrogen bomb”. “I was informed that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has instructed the relevant services to conduct a situation analysis to clarify this issue,” he added.

The majority of the countries, he said, also “expressed concern and talked about the violation of international law, existing international documents in this sphere”. “There were attempts to politicize this case, talked about how to take additional steps to pressure North Korea to abandon such tests in the future, – said Voronkov. – Moreover, regarding the set of such measures, they are not specified, but was said about it in an emotional manner”