Chaika, Prosecutor General’s office does not “loosen the grip”, despite all the attacks on her

Chaika, Prosecutor General’s office does not “loosen the grip”, despite all the attacks on her

MOSCOW, January 11. Information attacks on the Prosecutor General’s office of Russia will not weaken its work, said the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on the eve of the Day of Prosecutor’s worker, which is celebrated on January 12.

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“Those who carry out these attacks, I really hope that the Russian Prosecutor General’s office “loosen the grip”, said the wrestlers. But it is not, – stressed the Prosecutor General. – The priorities of our work, we will not change, as anyone tried. Moreover, we will act more actively as moving in the right direction, I have no doubt.”

According to him, “the Prosecutor’s office currently is doing tremendous work on all to the tasks, including on combating those who seek to sow in our country legal chaos”.

“Believe me, we have the leverage for an adequate response to any challenges,” he added.

The attorney General noted that only on materials of public prosecutors during the first 9 months of last year brought more than 3.2 thousand criminal cases about crimes of a corruption orientation. Thus prosecutors suppressed the vicious practice of “inflating” reporting of corruption at the expense of additional episodes have already been identified crimes.

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“Last year law enforcement bodies have started to implement qualitatively new approaches in the fight against corruption. And we have positive results, – said Chaika. – In the first 11 months of 2015 revealed over 31 thousand of corruption crimes”.

Increased the number of criminal cases sent to court, and the number of convicted corrupt officials. For the first 9 months of 2015 9430 courts handed down convictions against 10064 persons (for 9 months of 2014 – 8582 penalty against persons 9196).

Chaika said that “almost daily the media report about the arrest of officials suspected of taking bribes or committing other corruption-related offences”. “This heads of subjects of the Russian Federation – their names are known, and the Deputy governors, and deputies of the state Duma, and other officials at the highest level. Cases of such crimes, as a rule, is the result of the cumulative efforts of all law enforcement agencies which work in the sphere of combating corruption gained in recent years a more systematic, consistent character,” he said.

In 2015 in Russia have been increasing crimes by 9%

In the past 2015 year in Russia was marked by the growth of crime and this is due to including economic factors, said Chaika.

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“Registered 8.9% crimes more than the same period last year. This growth is due to a number of factors, including difficulties in the economy and financial sector, – said Chaika. – While the number of grave and especially grave crimes has changed slightly (respectively of -2.6 % and -0.4 per cent)”.

According to him, the number of complaints to the Prosecutor’s office most of the allegations of violations in the social sphere and connected with the operation of public utilities. So, in 11 months of 2015 prosecutors identified about 680 thousand violations of citizens ‘ rights in payment for their labor. It every fourth of all violations revealed in the social sphere.

The courts approved 306 thousand applications of prosecutors on the recovery of arrears of salary. On materials of our checks, the investigating authorities initiated a criminal case 491.

As a result, in January-September 2015 response extinguished debt on a salary worth about 19 billion rubles.
During the carried-out on behalf of the public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in the past year, large-scale inspections on the most “popular” drugs “found that almost everywhere significantly exceeded the maximum allowance established by the Federal law”.
“The test covered about 4 thousand pharmaceutical organizations, identified more than 2 thousand violations of the law, adopted comprehensive measures to eliminate them. And it’s not a one-time event”, – said the Prosecutor General.