In the Crimea studying the mechanisms of enterprise support after the energy shortage

The Crimean authorities are considering two mechanisms of compensation of losses of the industrial enterprises caused the deficit. In total there are 165 industrial enterprises.

SIMFEROPOL, 11 Dec –. The Crimean authorities are considering two mechanisms of compensation of losses of industrial enterprises because of the energy shortage, reported the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

“We have proposed two mechanisms for the support of our industrial enterprises. Now considering the effect of them. One proposal is to compensate for the difference in tariff for electricity between the cost in time of peace kilowatts and today, which is produced by diesel-generator set. The second option is the payment of additional funds, which spend the company while working at night,” said Aksenov in an interview with TV channel “Russia 1”.

According to Aksenov, there are approximately 165 industrial enterprises, which produce socially significant products and are revenue generating. A quarter of them are equipped with diesel generators. “Today they all came out to work”, — said Aksenov.

The state of emergency operating in Crimea as of 22 November, when the Peninsula was completely de-energized because of the erosion of the supports. Then went down all four power lines coming from Ukraine. The situation has improved with the launch on 2 December the first leg of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region, and the December 15 of the second leg has increased its capacity to 400 MW. Two more strands of the power bridge total the same capacity to be commissioned in the spring that would make the Crimea independent from Ukrainian electricity.

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