In the state Duma do not support the development of sanctions against the “deputies-talkers”

MOSCOW, January 11. First Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on rules Nadezhda Gerasimova (United Russia) said that “not heard anything” about the preparation of amendments on the possibility to interrupt the speech of the Deputy in case he deviates from the topic.

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“I have not seen those changes and know that someone is preparing” she told TASS, commenting on the relevant publication in the newspaper “Izvestia”.

What is the essence of the initiative Demchenko

In the material of the publication says that the state Duma intends to consider amending the rules of court, according to which the performance of the MP, if it says off topic, may be terminated by the representative of the Committee on rules, and the second case, the “deviation from the conversation” parliamentarians will not be permitted to participate in further discussions until the end of the meeting. “I think that after the holidays, during the spring session, we will be treated like amendments. Presumably, the working group will be created, which would do it, and then our Committee,” he told Izvestia member of the Committee on rules Ivan Demchenko (“United Russia”).

“This is already provided. That’s enough. Why something else to do?”

In turn, Gerasimov explained that currently “the rules of the state Duma provides that if the speaker will not be performing on the bill or issue is declared, the Chairperson, who leads the plenary meeting has the right to interrupt and make a point”.

“This is already provided. That’s enough. Why something else to do?” – said the first Deputy Chairman of the relevant Committee.