Putin believes that Russia and Germany will overcome the difficulties in bilateral relations

Putin believes that Russia and Germany will overcome the difficulties in bilateral relations

SOCHI, January 11. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that relations between Moscow and Berlin will improve, although now they are far from perfect.

As stated by the head of state in an interview with German newspaper Bild, from the particularly warm relations between the two countries 10 years ago now there were “mutual sympathy of the two peoples”. But the Russian leader is sure that “most importantly, it is the basis of our relations.”

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According to Putin, relations between people have not changed. “Despite attempts to your attempts, attempts of your colleagues to spoil our relations with the media and anti-Russian propaganda,” he said, addressing the journalists. “I mean the media General, including in Germany. In Germany a very strong foreign influence on the media, especially from overseas,” explained the President.

He reminded that Russian-German relations “in 2005 reached a very high level,” trade reached $ 80 billion. “A huge number of jobs in Germany was created thanks to the cooperation between Russia and Germany. We together tried to prevent the development of adverse events in the middle East, Iraq in particular. We have made very significant steps in the expansion of energy cooperation”, – said the President. He added that “a huge number of German entrepreneurs started their own business in Russia, thousands of businesses have been created”. “Increased the number of exchanges between citizens, develop humanitarian contacts. At the same time was created and the public forum “Petersburg dialogue”, – Putin has listed.

In his view, Russian-German relations “would have developed very successfully”, but in 2015, bilateral trade has halved, stated the head of the Russian state.

“However, still, our relationship continues, we meet regularly with Federal Chancellor (Angela Merkel) at various events, I think, seven times in the past year met 20 times I talked to her on the phone,” – said Putin. He also drew attention to the bilateral year of literature and German language and Russian language in Germany and in Russia, the plans of youth exchanges.

“That is, the relationship is still evolving, thank God. I hope that will continue to evolve. We will overcome those difficulties today faced,” said the Russian leader.

Relationship with Merkel

The President also noted that German Chancellor Angela Merkel sincere person, and she is committed to finding solutions, including on the Ukrainian crisis.

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“I’m sure she’s a very sincere person,” said Putin. “She has a certain framework in which it should work, but it is sincere, and I have no doubt, seek to find solutions for the settlement including the situation in the South-East of Ukraine”, – he said.

The Russian President noted that it is always with respect to Merkel. “I am so mean to her,” he confirmed. “In any case, the level of trust, I think, very high,” – said the head of state.

Speaking about relations with Merkel, Putin also said that once had to apologize to the Chancellor. The fact that one of the meetings with Merkel in 2007, the Russian President came with his Labrador Koni. As it turned out, the German Chancellor is afraid of dogs. After the meeting, some media outlets jumped to speculation about what the President allegedly did so intend, and concluded that it is for this reason that relations between Putin and Merkel had deteriorated.

In an interview Putin said that he did not know that Merkel does not like dogs. “Nothing I didn’t know about it”, he said. “I, on the contrary, she wanted to do something nice when I showed her my dog,” – said Putin. “I then explained to her and apologized for it,” added the Russian leader.