Putin: NATO should abandon the extension in the name of security in the world

Putin: NATO should abandon the extension in the name of security in the world

The Russian leader said that NATO officials should strive not to “sole stay on top of world glory”, and to solve the problems in Europe.

MOSCOW, 11 Jan. Leading NATO members could opt out of expanding their organization, on the basis of universal international security, however, after the collapse of the USSR “there was a desire to get the full pleasure from his sole stay on top of world glory”, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in interview to German newspaper “Bild”.

“We’ve heard a thousand times like a mantra, we repeat our us and European politicians: the country has the right to choose their own way of ensuring their safety. Yes, we know about it. It’s true. But it is also true that other countries have the right to decide to expand their own organization and not to expand, to act as they consider appropriate from the point of view of universal international security. And leading members of NATO could say: no, we’re glad you want to join us, but we are not going to expand our organization, we see differently the future of Europe”, — Putin said.

The President of Russia noted that over the previous 20-25 years, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, disappeared when the second center of power in the world, “a desire to gain full pleasure from his sole stay on top of the world of fame, power and prosperity”.

“And I had no desire to have to apply either to international law or to the Charter of the United Nations. Where they interfere, immediately declared that the UN is outdated. In addition to expanding NATO to the East in the area of security, the missile defense system. All this develops in Europe under the pretext of arresting the Iranian nuclear threat,” he added.

Putin recalled that in 2009, the current U.S. President Barack Obama said that if the nuclear threat of Iran would cease to exist, then there is no incentive for the establishment of a missile defense system will not.

“But the agreement with Iran was signed, is now considered the issues of lifting sanctions, all this is placed under the control of the IAEA, first uranium were said to be taken already on the territory of Russia for processing, and the missile defense system continues to evolve. Signed bilateral agreements with Turkey, Romania, Poland, Spain. Spain are Maritime forces, which must operate in the sphere of missile defense. In Romania already established position area in Poland will be created somewhere in the 18th year, in Turkey, the radar is placed”, — said the President of the Russian Federation.

Putin also reminded that Russia is strongly opposed to what happened in Iraq, Libya and some other countries.

“We said we shouldn’t do this, don’t just walk in there and don’t need to make mistakes. Us no one listened! On the contrary, believed that we occupy some anti-Western, hostile to the West position. And now, when you have hundreds of thousands, a million refugees, do you think our position was anti-Western or Pro-Western?, he said.