Qantas was the safest airline in the world the 3rd year in a row

Qantas was the safest airline in the world the 3rd year in a row

Moscow. January 11. Australian carrier Qantas Airways in the third year in a row recognized as the safest airline in the world according to the AirlineRatings website, exploring safety and quality of work of representatives of the aviation industry.

Other airlines included in the top 20 rankings, not distributed, and are listed in alphabetical order.

These include American, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, Japanese Airlines All Nippon and Japan Airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, and Air New Zealand (New Zealand), Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong), Emirates (UAE), Etihad Airways (UAE), EVA Air (China), Finnair (Finland), Lufthansa (Germany), Singapore Airlines (Singapore), KLM (the Netherlands), Scandinavian Airline System (SAS, Sweden), Swiss International Air Lines (Switzerland), Virgin Australia (Australia).

In addition, the website has published a list of ten leaders in safety among low-cost airlines. In alphabetical order, they are Aer Lingus (Ireland), Flybe (UK), HK Express (Hong Kong), JetBlue (U.S.), Jetstar (Australia), Thomas Cook (UK), TUI Fly (Germany), Virgin America (USA), Volaris (Mexico) and Westjet (Canada).

Only the study involved 407 airlines. Of them 148 have received the highest safety rating according to the website – “7 stars”.

However, according to the report, nearly 50 airlines received 3 stars or less. However, 10 carriers have just one star is the representatives of Indonesia, Nepal and Suriname.

When the rankings take into account how the use of measures to ensure the safety and comfort of flights, the regular updating of the fleet and the age of airlines and the airports in which they are based. Were taken into account audit data, the aviation authorities and associations, as well as mortality statistics.

At the same time to the place in the ranking is not affected by the disaster in the Wake of terrorist attacks (as in the case of the collapse of the Russian aircraft over the Sinai) or pilot suicide (like when the drop ship Germanwings in the Alps), notes Deutsche Welle.

The number of “stars” can be reduced if, for example, the company was listed in the black list of the European Union.

“One point is also withdrawn if the airline uses only aircraft built in Russia”, – quotes the explanation of the compilers of the list, the newspaper Die Welt.

Russian carrier “Aeroflot”, “Russia” and “Ural airlines” has received the highest safety rating (7 stars), service is a 4.5, 3 and 3 stars respectively.

In 2015, world airlines carried record number of passengers – 3.6 billion people on 34 million flights. In the 16 crashes that occurred last year, killing 560 people, which is below the average for the last decade (31 714 incident victims).