The decline in Chinese share market has exceeded 5%

Moscow. January 11. The Chinese stock market increased lower on Monday, continuing thus the trend in which the market fell 10% last week, Bloomberg reported.

The Shanghai Composite stock index fell during the auction by 5.3%, to its lowest level in nearly four years. The indicator shares of Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong – Hang Seng China Enterprises went down by 3.8%, to the lowest level since 2011.

The fall of Shanghai Composite index from the beginning of 2016 already is 16%, the dynamics of this indicator is the worst among 93 major global stock indexes tracked by Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg sources, from government interventions on the stock market of China on Monday is not visible. Last week, according to them, state funds bought shares to support the market at least for two sessions.

Trading on the stock market of China last week was twice interrupted due to the fact that the index decline reached 7%. This reduction provoked the launch of a new mechanism of interruption of trading, previously the regulator of the stock market.