The Economist has calculated the fair rate of the ruble on the “big Mac index”

The Economist has calculated the fair rate of the ruble on the “big Mac index”

The Russian ruble is undervalued by 70%, however this is not the only currency in the world, a course which is much underestimated. The most overvalued currency The Economist has called the Swiss franc.

MOSCOW, 11 APR –. The ruble exchange rate is undervalued by almost 70% — this is the conclusion the editors of the Economist, based on data obtained in the result of the calculation “big Mac index”. According to the publication, one dollar should cost 23,12 rubles, not 75.

In the USA, the newspaper writes, the big Mac sells for $4,93, and in Russia in terms of dollars the cost of a Burger is $1,53. The price of the Burger was taken into account in the amount of 114 rubles, at the rate 74,66 rubles per dollar. If to balance the cost of the same dishes fast food chains, it turns out that the Russian ruble should equal 23,12 rubles for one dollar.

The most undervalued currency in the world The Economist has called Venezuelan Bolivar. In addition, according to the newspaper, under-valued Ukrainian hryvnia, South African Rand, Malaysian ringgit, Indian rupee.

The most overvalued currency, according to the publication, Swiss franc (overvalued by 30.7%), Swedish and Norwegian crowns (of 6.1% and 5.8%, respectively).

The basis of the “big Mac index” is the position proceeding from which the same products cost in different countries equally. If the goods are sold at different prices, according to The Economist it may mean that the exchange rate does not correspond to economic reality.

For convenience of calculations, was elected Burger “big Mac”, which is virtually identical around the world.