The shares tumbled at the opening on Monday

The shares tumbled at the opening on Monday

Moscow. January 11. The Russian stock market on Monday morning, the updated multi-month lows on the indices under the pressure of panic selling amid the collapse of the global market from the beginning of the year.

The MICEX index by 10:08 Moscow time has fallen below 1700 points (the lowest level since October 2015), losing almost 3% and the RTS fell by 4.5% to 700 points (the lowest level since December of 2014), the main chips losing in value 2-5%.

The leaders of the pullback are shares of “Mobile TeleSystems” (-5,1%), “Gazprom” to (-3.2%), Norilsk Nickel (is -3.5%), Mechel (-3,9%), “Rosneft” (-3%), Sistema (-4%), “FGC UES” (-3,1%).

Indexes in the U.S. on Friday fell more than 1% on Monday in Asia negative dynamics prevails (declined Japan, Chinese Shanghai Composite fell by 5%), lower U.S. stock futures (contract on the S&P 500 sank 0.4%) continues to fly down the oil, updating the lows since 2004, cheaper metals due to concerns about the Outlook for the economy and the gold price rose to a high of almost two months.

According to published last weekend statistics, producer prices in the PRC in December 2015 dropped by the end of the 46th month in a row, which is a record period of recession.

According to Bloomberg sources, from government interventions on the stock market of China on Monday is not visible. Last week, according to them, state funds bought shares to support the market at least for two sessions. Trading on the stock market of China last week was twice interrupted due to the fact that the index decline reached 7%. This reduction provoked the launch of a new mechanism of interruption of trading, previously the regulator of the stock market.

The first trading week of 2016 became the American stock indices the worst in history. Dow Jones for the five days fell by 6.2%, the S&P 500 by 6%, Nasdaq – by 7.3%, according to MarketWatch.

A similar situation exists in other global markets. Chinese led Shanghai Composite fell over the past week by 10%. A composite indicator emerging markets MSCI Emerging Market fell by 6.8%, while the global MSCI World index declined by 6.2% – the worst week since 2011.

Futures for Brent oil for March fell to $32,92 per barrel (-3%), the price of WTI is $33,42 per barrel (of -2.6%).