The tickets of foreign airlines in Russia will rise by 6-7%

The tickets of foreign airlines in Russia will rise by 6-7%

MOSCOW, 11 Jan. Foreign airlines in Russia again recalculate prices on tickets following the increase of courses of the dollar and the Euro against the ruble: the increase of $ 6,41-7,04% depending on the currency in which the ticket is sold, reported reservation systems Amadeus and Travelport.

The International air transport Association IATA, which is determined by the price of tickets on international flights, since 2006 is tied to the rate of the ruble against the Euro and the dollar. Usually the Association counts it once a week on Tuesdays.

According to the recommendations of IATA, 0.01 GMT on January 13 system booking of air tickets will recalculate the exchange rates of foreign currencies used for the conversion of tariffs for international flights. The dollar will rise in price by 7.04% to 76 rubles (for the period 13 January to 19 January 2016 inclusive), Euro — 6,41%, to 83 rubles. Respectively will occur and adjustment of fares of air tickets, most of which in the Russian market is denominated in euros.

These courses are a peak since the last commit record in February 2015, when the Euro reached 81.5 ruble.

“January is traditionally a period of low demand for tickets and hotels, and this year’s record rate will have a more serious impact on the situation. If the Euro stabilizes, it will hurt primarily on budget directions, which are sold through package tours and which are the most price sensitive if the cost of travel for 100-200 Euro becomes critical when making decisions about travel,” said Director General of the Agency Pososhok Cyril faminskii.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, for the present context it is not so important, because those who can spend a holiday abroad, will fly to relax and this summer is possible only by adjusting the options of flights and accommodation, possible directions.