Putin: disagreements Saudi Arabia and Iran make it difficult for the Syrian problem

Putin: disagreements Saudi Arabia and Iran make it difficult for the Syrian problem

SOCHI, January 12. Differences of Saudi Arabia and Iran make it difficult for the Syrian problem. This opinion was expressed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to German edition Bild, the second of which was published on Tuesday, January 12.

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“It certainly complicates us efforts to solve the Syrian problem and the solution to the problem of combating terrorism, the problem of stopping the flow of refugees to Europe. It’s quite obvious,” – said the President.

At the same time, Putin found it difficult to assess whether it will lead to any major regional conflict.

“This will lead to any major regional conflict, I don’t know. I don’t want to talk and even think in these categories. We have very good relations with Iran, and established partnership relations with Saudi Arabia,” said the Russian leader. Meanwhile, Putin stressed that Russia is ready if necessary to participate in resolving the conflict Saudi Arabia and Iran. “If our participation in this will be once in demand, we are ready to do everything for the conflict was settled and as quickly as possible”, – he said.

Recall that the crisis in relations between Riyadh and Tehran broke out on 2 January after the execution of the Shiite preacher Nimr al-Nimr. In response to the Iranian protesters staged riots in the Saudi diplomatic missions in the Islamic Republic. Following this, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Sudan and Djibouti broke diplomatic relations with Iran, demanding that the Iranian diplomats to leave their territory. United Arab Emirates downgraded its relations with Iran to the level of attorneys and reduced the number of accredited Iranian diplomats, foreign Ministry of Kuwait has recalled its Teheran Ambassador. In addition, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain has ceased all connections with the Islamic Republic.

Putin said that Russia regrets the deterioration in relations between the two countries. “We regret that this happened, especially that this preacher, he’s not fought in arms against Saudi Arabia,” he said. At the same time, according to him, the attack on the Embassy ‒ “it is absolutely unacceptable in the modern world event, as far as I know, Iranian authorities arrested several instigators of the pogrom”.

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Author: Marianna BELENKAYA