Putin: the effectiveness of fighting corruption depends on the sequence of work of the prosecutors

Putin: the effectiveness of fighting corruption depends on the sequence of work of the prosecutors

MOSCOW, January 12. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the persistence and consistency of the prosecutors depends largely on the unity of the state, protection of the rights of citizens and the effectiveness of the fight against corruption.

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“It is up to you, your persistence and consistency depends largely on the unity of the Russian state, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, the efficiency of the fight against organized crime, corruption and other challenges,” he said in greeting with Day of Prosecutor’s worker. The text of the presidential address by the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov delivered at a solemn event timed to this holiday, which takes place in the Prosecutor General’s office.

The head of state noted that the holiday is a tribute to the glorious history of the office, the best representatives of prosecution bodies, “which were invariably distinguished by high professional quality, faithful service and the public good, civil courage, honesty and decency”.

The head of state added that today, as at all times, the Prosecutor’s office represents the state and justice is a key element of the law enforcement system of Russia. “I am sure that deep knowledge, responsibility and devotion to duty and will continue to assist in work to address the serious challenges facing the prosecution,” – said Putin.

“To protect against arbitrariness and corruption”

At the meeting Sergey Ivanov has demanded from public prosecutors to actively protect citizens from tyranny and corruption, identifying the corrupt and improvident. “Your duty and continue to protect our citizens from abuse of power and corruption, he said. – Responsible for the proper implementation of legislation, to identify the corrupt and improvident”.

Ivanov said that during 11 months of 2015 prosecutors identified 4.7 million violations of Federal law. According to the materials prosecutorial investigation initiated more than 22.5 thousand criminal cases. Ivanov noted that among other revealed facts of theft of public funds. Considered by the courts on claims of prosecutors in the budgets of all levels recovered about 1.5 billion rubles. “And this, of course, good results”, – concluded the head of the presidential administration.

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According to the head of the Kremlin administration, last year, prosecutors identified 309 thousand violations of the legislation on combating corruption. Materials of public Prosecutor’s checks became the basis of 3,2 thousand excited on these facts criminal cases.

According to him, results in the fight against corruption “fairly good”. In particular, were able to identify significantly more facts of bribery committed by organized groups, large and extra large sizes. Criminally responsible for such crimes were involved in nearly 700 officials.

Ivanov stressed the need to more actively identify violations in the sphere of public procurement, as well as to closely monitor the expenditure of budgetary funds allocated for large-scale projects: the construction of the cosmodrome Vostochny, the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait and the infrastructure the FIFA world Cup 2018.

He also demanded to fully examine the circumstances of criminal cases against entrepreneurs and to maintain a reasonable balance in election of a measure of restraint. “It is important to thoroughly examine the circumstances of the alleged businessmen for economic crimes. To maintain a reasonable balance when electing the measure of restraint. To use the entire range of responses to the violations,” he said.

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Ivanov noted that ensuring the rights of entrepreneurs is one of our highest priorities. According to him, ensuring a transparent and effective activities of Supervisory bodies is one of important conditions for development of entrepreneurship. “So, you must always give such violations due legal assessment and thereby contribute to reducing the administrative pressure on business”, – said Ivanov.

He also demanded to ensure that allocated for defense funds are spent effectively for the purpose intended. “It is necessary that allocated for the state defence order the money was spent efficiently and for their intended purposes and not deposited in the pockets of corrupt officials or unnecessary intermediaries,” he said.

Ivanov said that even in difficult economic conditions, the government spares no money on defense. According to him, the verification opened nearly 200 criminal cases.

“To give an adequate response to the most dangerous challenges of modern times”

In 2015 the Russian Prosecutor General’s office was banned as a terrorist and extremist organizations 9, said the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

“Last year the whole world and our country are faced with intensification of activities of international terrorist organizations, committing violent terrorist acts. In such a difficult situation in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies improves efficiency in identifying individuals involved in terrorist activities”, – said Chaika.

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“According to our materials, the courts rendered decisions on the elimination and prohibition 1 9 terrorist and extremist organizations. Blocked access to more than 900 Internet resources, with almost 6 thousand sites removed illegal information,” he said.

“However, we still have to put a lot of effort to give an adequate response to the most dangerous challenges of our time, – said the Prosecutor General of Russia. – It is important in conjunction with law enforcement agencies to step up efforts to block channels of financing of terrorists, the recruitment of our citizens, prohibition of activity in Russia extremist and terrorist organizations”.

Chaika also ordered prosecutors to provide close supervision, including criminal cases before the courts in a particular order (where the accused agrees with the prosecution and the case is pending in court without examining the evidence and questioning of witnesses – note).

He noted that “today in the criminal justice field there are problems that cannot be overlooked”.

“Now the reality is that on a huge array of (criminal) cases, for example, be considered in a special order, the Prosecutor is essentially the court of last resort, designed to eliminate violations of citizens ‘constitutional rights to criminal cases in court”, – said Chaika.

“There are other pre-trial phase, requiring special attention of prosecutors. It is therefore necessary in the future to use the procedural powers”, – said the Prosecutor General.

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