Ferrari and Lamborghini have gone to the Ukrainian market

KIEV, January 13. Ferrari and Lamborghini announced the official termination of deliveries of its supercars on the territory of Ukraine due to the unstable situation in the local market. This was reported by Victor misery acquaints – the General Director of “VIPOS”, which made the sale of these models.

“Due to the prevailing situation in the country, our market is not ready today for the official delivery of these cars. Because they require special conditions and high standards of sales and service. Ferrari and Lamborghini can’t afford to go on some concessions and to render the exception in compliance with its standards. Even taking into account the prospects of the Ukrainian market”, – quotes its words the information-analytical group “Avtokonsalting”.

The first and only Ferrari showroom in Kiev was opened in June 2011. The most “affordable” model car was a Ferrari California for €252370. In the first year sales could be called successful, but over time, the statistics worsened. According to “Autoconsulting”, and in 2014 were able to implement 2 of the car, and for 2015 – just one.