Protection Savchenko will attract at the trial of the new experts and witnesses

Protection Savchenko will attract at the trial of the new experts and witnesses

ROSTOV-ON-DON, January 13. /Corr. Dmitry Bulanin/. The trial of former Ukrainian army Hope Savchenko will be resumed in the city of Donetsk of the Rostov region. The defense intends to engage an expert on digital video for a detailed analysis of the evidence. About this korr. said one of the lawyers Savchenko mark Feigin.

Earlier it was reported that the court heard the testimony of the expert astronomer, which confirmed that among those 29 of the rollers there are four files, which can determine the time when they were taken, with an error of no more than 15 minutes. According to the expert testimony, Savchenko was captured no later than about 10.30 am, and the fire that killed Russian journalists, was at 11.15.

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“We plan to question the expert in the video who says that there is no installation. The experts, who were from the investigation, said that there is no installation. But we are not interested in that. That he (the judge – ed.) said there was no indication that the time (on the camera – ed.) change is too important,” said the lawyer.

He added that the defense wants to pursue a new examination which will be scheduled by the court.

“In the light of evidence on video and in astronomy we are summing up the court to the discussion about the examination: whether it will be appointed by the court or not. If not – everything is clear with this court. Our task, before the court we will refuse, and to demonstrate to the court and to the public that there is such a possibility. And that to neglect it is a conscious choice of the court”, – said the lawyer.

He added that next week the defense intends to attract new witnesses.

“We expect two to three new witnesses who were not listed in the case. We will not to announce that kind of people. We have no illusions that the court on its own initiative may render a judgment of acquittal, because the judge understands that will punish them for it. We are working on how this verdict will be discussed business diplomats,” said Novikov.

Health Savchenko

According to another lawyer Nikolay Polozov, the skin because of the announced 18 December the hunger strike begins to feel bad in SIZO-3 of Novocherkassk.

“I saw her in jail with Nadia. Today the 26th day of her hunger strike, she has lost over 15 kg weight. It is evident that her hard, but she’s hanging in there. Health expectations is a concern. She has pains in the pancreas, nausea. Entreaties to stop the hunger strike ineffectual,” wrote Polozov in his microblog on Twitter.

He previously explained that while the court, Savchenko will only drink water. In the event of conviction, she made the decision to abandon the water.

The hearing in the case Savchenko continued from September 22. The last meeting before the new year holidays in Donetsk city court took place on 24 December 2015.

According to the investigation, as an officer of the armed forces of Ukraine, while the location of a paramilitary battalion “Aydar” on June 17, 2014 near the village of Metallist, Slavyanoserbsk district, Luhansk region, Savchenko was conducting secret surveillance and correction of shelling the checkpoint of the militia LNR with him were civilians, including three citizens of the Russian Federation – correspondents VGTRK. In the shelling of journalists Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin were killed.