Putin will hold the first in a new year meeting with the government

MOSCOW, January 13. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will hold the first in this year meeting with members of the government. According to the press service of the Kremlin.

“The main theme of the meeting was the development of the national system of professional qualifications”, – said in the Kremlin. “It is also planned to discuss a number of current issues”, – noted in press service.

Putin in 2013, has put before the government and the Agency for strategic initiatives to create a network of independent certification to confirm the professional level of specialists. At a meeting on the development of professional standards, the President then noted that the highest of qualifications must be submitted in the first instance to civil servants. However, he urged to think not only about the standards but also how they will be applied and how they can be used to evaluate the real qualification of the employee. The idea of the head of state, “an integral part of the system should become the mechanism for qualification verification of employees through professional examination”, conducted by independent certification centers. Overall, the development of new professional standards became part of the may decrees, which Putin has set for itself and the government in may 2012, immediately after taking office.

Meeting with members of the government the head of state conducts about twice a month. The last such meeting was held on 24 December 2015. Then the President thanked the government for their effective work in the past year and reminded that the most important task remains combine the return of the Russian economy on a sustainable growth rate. He stressed that the period of low prices for raw materials and the main export products of the Russian Federation, as well as external constraints, can be delayed, so you need to achieve results on the existing basis, using the current difficulty as an incentive to improve the efficiency of the economy and social sphere.

Since the beginning of this year there was another significant drop in oil prices. On London’s ICE for the first 11 days, the price of Brent crude oil fell from $37 to 30.9 per barrel against the background of rising oil inventories in the United States and the weakening of the Chinese economy. The Russian budget is calculated proceeding from the forecast price of Urals crude oil, which is trading at a discount to Brent and thus is now even below $ 29 per barrel. Budget 2016 based on the estimation of prices for the Urals oil at $50 a barrel.