Rosseti is already implementing a cost reduction programme

Rosseti is already implementing a cost reduction programme

The cost reduction programme tailored to the advanced targets. The company also has programmes for improving multitasking efficiency and reducing costs.

MOSCOW, 13 Jan. Rosseti is already implementing a program to reduce costs, which are tailored in advance of targets, said a company spokesman, in response to the question about the possibility of further cost optimization.

The Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov on Wednesday at the Gaidar forum said that the budgets of state-owned companies should be reduced by analogy with the Federal budget. Without this, according to the Minister, it is impossible to speak in General about adaptation of the budget sector to the new conditions. The government has already taken a decision on optimization of the budget and by mid-January, is waiting for proposals from agencies on the reduction of costs by 10%.

“In “Russian grids” provides programs to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, including administrative and managerial. The business plans of subsidiaries of “Russian grids” approved with regard to rapid implementation of the target set by the development strategy of electric grid complex and the government Directive to reduce operating costs,” explained a company representative.

Currently in the “Russian grids”, a program to reduce operating costs by 15% by 2017. This indexation of salaries in 2014-2016 is expected only for production staff.