The confectionery business has plunged into crisis because of the collapse of the ruble

The confectionery business has plunged into crisis because of the collapse of the ruble

Moscow. January 13. Ruble prices for the basic raw materials for chocolate production last year increased by 40-80% more than world prices for cocoa beans, is spoken in the message of the research center of the confectionary market (of ZIKR). Further devaluation of the ruble may lead to a reduction in the production of chocolate in Russia up to stop a number of the enterprises, experts of the center.

The price of cocoa beans on the London stock exchange for the year 2015 (December 28, 2014) increased by 9% to 2,251 thousand pounds per ton. The main reason for the rising prices was the dry weather in the producing countries of cocoa beans: côte d’ivoire, Ghana, Indonesia. While ruble prices for basic raw materials last year rose much stronger: only in October the average cost imported tonnes of cocoa beans increased by 52%, cocoa-paste – by 85%, cacao butter 39%, follows from data of the FCS.

Average consumer prices for chocolate in Russia in November 2015 rose by 37.8% (up to 741,36 rubles per kilogram), compared with November 2014. Chocolate consumption during the year decreased by 8.4% to 3,99 kg per year per person. While the costs of production of chocolate products increased by 50-100%.

The production of chocolate products in January-October fell by 1.4%, in some segments were observed more significant decline. For example, the production of chocolate and food products, containing cocoa (except sweetened cocoa powder), Packed in January-October decreased by 16.9% to 87,03 thousand tons.

“When aggravation of crisis phenomena and one should expect a sharper decrease in the consumption of chocolate products, especially in the regions. And further devaluation of the ruble will make the production of high-quality chocolate unprofitable. When you save the current state of Affairs in the first quarter of 2016 risks a more serious reduction of production of chocolate products, up to the stop of a number of industries,” said Executive Director of the Centre for research confectionery market Elizaveta Nikitina.