Turkey is the 9th consecutive year, ranked second on the purchases of Russian gas

Moscow. January 13. Turkey by the end of 2015 ranks second after Germany on the procurement of Russian gas, told reporters on Wednesday the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller.

First Turkey overcame Italy in the volume of purchases of Russian gas on foreign markets in 2007 and since then has never handed over this position.

On Monday, Miller elaborated on the results of the export in 2015, noting separately the dynamics of supply in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, great Britain. About Turkey he said only two days later, without specifying volumes.

However, according to calculations based on data from European gas transmission operators in 2015 the Republic of Turkey purchased from Russia for about 27 billion cubic meters of gas. what about a percentage point lower than in 2014. The Turkish market has reduced the consumption of Russian gas from the first to the third quarter, but the fourth showed a marked increase, almost offsetting the fall in the first nine months.

Just in 2015 “Gazprom” has put in the far abroad 159.4 billion cubic meters of gas, 8% more than in 2014.

RF Deputy Minister of energy Anatoly Yanovsky on Wednesday at the Gaidar forum expressed confidence that the export of Russian gas to Europe will continue to grow: “We are optimistic that the volumes of oil and gas supplies to Europe will remain at the same level. Gas increases, oil can be some reduction due to reduction of total consumption”.