Almost half of Russians are not interested in the dollar

Moscow. January 14. Russians expect in the new year-setting the dollar on a mark of 76 rubles, however, storage savings, they tend to give preference to the Russian currency, reported by the sociologists on the results of a survey conducted by VTSIOM.

According to the survey, one in five (20%) Russians regularly monitors the dollar against the ruble. Sometimes to-date information about the dollar turns 31% of respondents, almost every second (48%) are not interested in them.

Soon the Russians are expected to set a high dollar rate against the ruble. The average rate in the three-month term, based on the answers of respondents, was 76 roubles per dollar. Thus, according to the Russians, this indicator will remain unchanged through the year. Meanwhile, in November in the same poll Russians were expecting the rate to 69 rubles per dollar in three months and 70 rubles a year.

Answering the question about the ways of saving, every second (52%) Respondent said that he keeps his money in rubles. 5% have their savings in dollars, 3% – in euros. Less than 1% of respondents expressed a preference for other currencies, 43% admitted that they have no savings. 2% did not give an unambiguous answer.

To the question about the options of savings, respondents could give three answers.

The survey was conducted on 25-26 December 2015 among 1,600 people in 130 populated localities in 46 regions of the country.