Analysts Davos announced the main threats to the global economy

Analysts Davos announced the main threats to the global economy

In 2016 the main risks for the global economy will be the migration crisis and the effects of climate change, according to experts interviewed for a report by the world economic forum.

MOSCOW, 14 Mar –. The global economy is threatened by the increasing quantity of risks, should of posted on Thursday the annual report of the world economic forum Global Risks Report 2016.

The eleventh report is the result of a survey of 750 experts from different countries. The document notes that the risks, which warned analysts, “begin to manifest in new and unexpected forms, and their consequences become inevitable for people, organizations and economies”.

From the point of view of the probability of risks, the most urgent problem in 2016 will be mass migration, the researchers said. The top five most likely risks also includes extreme weather events, the consequences of climate change, interstate conflicts and major natural disasters.

The list of risks that carry the greatest damage in the next ten years, for the first time headed problem of climate change. The most dangerous risk for the world economy, experts believe the weapons of mass destruction water supply crises, mass forced migration and the fluctuation of energy prices. It is noted that all risks are interrelated, and this enhances their impact.