Gold and currency reserves of Kazakhstan in 2015 decreased by 10.6%

Moscow. January 14. Gold and currency reserves of Kazakhstan including gross reserves of national Bank and assets of the national Fund, by the end of 2015 was $billion RUR 91,581

For December, gold and foreign currency reserves declined 1.4%, for the full year by 10.6%, reported the Central Bank.

The assets of the National Fund of Kazakhstan amounted to $63,508 billion, having decreased over the month by 1.1%, for the year – by 13.3%.

Gross international reserves of the national Bank in December dropped by 1%, for the year – by 3.9%, to $28,073 billion, net international reserves declined 1.4% and 3.8% respectively to $27,176 billion.

Assets in foreign currency in December has decreased on 2,2% – to $20,497 billion (for the year 2015 – a decrease of 6%), assets in gold grew by 2% to $7,576 billion (2.5% growth).