Introducing into the Duma the bill about the overbooking can postpone

Introducing into the Duma the bill about the overbooking can postpone

A bill to overbooking (sorbaronia) tickets is not ready yet because you have not studied the point of view of the airline business, passengers and MPs, said the transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

MOSCOW, 14 Jan. The transport Minister Maxim Sokolov told the newspaper Izvestia that the bill authorizing the sale of tickets in greater numbers than there are seats available on Board, this year will likely not be submitted to the Duma.

The Ministry of transport has published 24 June 2015 a bill to overbooking. According to it the airline can get right to modify the contract of carriage, for an alternative.”In case of disagreement, the passenger with the alternative of carriage the contract of carriage is terminated, is returned to the passenger the amount paid for air carriage, and an award of compensation”, — stated in the bill of the Ministry of transport.

“This concept of the bill was offered for public comment. Following the discussion, there were differing points of view: airline business, MPs and passengers. But the outcome of this discussion we don’t disappoint, and when they are, we will make a final decision whether to promote a law or not”, — quotes the words of the Minister the newspaper.

As noted, expressed doubt that the bill will be submitted to the Duma this year. Earlier it was planned that the law will come into force in the second quarter of 2016.

According to the newspaper, is yet to be determined amount of compensation and procedure for selection of the “extra” passengers. It was assumed that the airline will send “extra” to your destination on the next flight. Earlier also it was planned to pay passengers not more than 28 thousand rubles depending on the delay time of the flight. In addition, you can create stop list of passengers, which cannot be removed from the flight, including included those who fly connecting flights, pregnant women, people with disabilities, parents with children under 18 and children under 18 without accompanying.

Overbooking — sorbaronia, often used in the work of foreign airlines. When using the carrier sells more tickets than seats on the plane, in the hopes that some passengers won’t show for the flight. This increases the load of the flights.