Klimenko: the situation of social networks of cooperation with law enforcement officers fanned

MOSCOW, 14 Jan. In Russia, the situation around the cooperation of social networks, including foreign services, law enforcement agencies inflated, believes Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Herman Klimenko.

“Typically, Google responds to thousands of requests 32 in the year from its the FBI or NSA and one request from our law enforcement agencies. We must honestly admit to our requests they do not respond, just ignore it”,- Klimenko told on air of TV channel “Russia 24”.

According to him, the criminals therefore use foreign services.

“We want our territory to foreign services precisely the same work as we do, on the same conditions. For better or worse, but at the same. We have a problem tax properties and, indeed, law-enforcement,” added the presidential adviser.

He recalled the situation with Youtube, when Roskomnadzor asked to remove the information.

“Now it is in private favors. In practice, any company operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, just have to follow its laws. There is nothing unusual. No one gives access to the data people, must be followed procedures,” — said Klimenko.

As an example, he cited his experience in the Internet industry. “I’m working in Internet since 1998. To me never came and is not required to issue any policy. I think this is an exaggerated story about the fact that all this is done in order, as, for example, the “law of forgetting”, which became effective from 1 January, there is something done to clean up the problems the deputies or someone else,” — said the presidential adviser.

As the founder of Vkontakte and Telegram Pavel Durov, then, according to Klimenko, he “crossed the line”.

“I am absolutely sure that if Paul is not pedaling on the topic of security and really would cooperate… He just says Telegram to the closure. This does not mean that I’ll lock it. This means that sooner or later there will be another terrorist attack, something else will happen and even the American government will not survive this story. We just observe how it happens,” he said.