Makarov: total budget sequestration in 2016 is unacceptable

MOSCOW, 14 Jan. Front reduction of all expenditure items of the Federal budget 2016 10% is an undue approach, you only need to reduce inefficient spending, said the head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov.

The government of the Russian Federation in connection with the fall in oil prices has taken a decision on optimization of the budget for 2016, the Ministry has until mid-January to prepare and submit to the Finance Ministry its proposals on the reduction of costs on unprotected articles by 10%. Final proposals for revising the budget planned to the end of the first quarter.

“I strongly object to the sequestration were carried out by some predetermined figure of 10% for all. It is absolutely illegal approach. To reduce need, and this President said, only inefficient spending and cut costs,” Makarov told journalists at the Gaidar forum at Ranepa on Thursday. Thus, in his view, the adjustment of the budget should be spent, but need to do leading main financial estimates of the country into line with the realities, and not in pursuit of the desire to guess the price of oil.

“When you change the budget, and it is quite obvious (it was stated by the Prime Minister and the President) the need to adjust the budget did not just exist, it must be done. The budget should be brought into line with the realities, not chasing to guess the price of oil,” — said Makarov.

In his opinion, the budget must be adjusted after the analysis of the budget reserves. “First, let’s analyze, and then decide what we need,” he said. He also agreed with the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation that the adjustment budget for 2016 is not needed in January. “Of course, no adjustment in January, simply can not be”, — said Makarov later.