Media: overbooking of tickets lay

MOSCOW, January 14. A bill to overbooking, involving knowingly selling more tickets for a flight than seats in the cabin, is unlikely to be introduced in the state Duma in 2016. Earlier it was planned that the law will come into force in the second quarter of this year, Izvestia reports.

“The concept of the bill was offered for public comment. Following the discussion, there were differing points of view: airline business, deputies and passengers, – said the publication of the transport Minister Maxim Sokolov. But the outcome of this discussion we don’t disappoint, and when they are, we will make a final decision whether to promote a law or not”.

The Minister expressed doubt that the bill is about the overbooking will be submitted to the Duma in 2016, the newspaper said.

According to the publication, the amount of compensation and procedure for selection of the “extra” passengers are yet to be determined. It was assumed that the airline will send them to the destination on the next flight. It was planned the creation of a certain stop-list passengers, which cannot be removed from the flight. It including included those who fly connecting flights, pregnant women, people with disabilities, parents with children under 18 and children under 18, the following unaccompanied. Stop-list is planned to fix in the Federal aviation regulations once adopted the law itself.