Medvedev: increase debts on a salary can grow

Medvedev: increase debts on a salary can grow

Wage arrears remains large, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The new bill proposes, in particular, to increase the fine for those who already underwent administrative punishment for violations in this area.

MOSCOW, 14 Mar –. Total wage arrears given the current economic situation in Russia may grow, but all the money should be paid on time and in full, stated Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“The total wage arrears remained significant, but given the state of Affairs in the economy, this process may accelerate, increase. But money, of course, must be paid in full. And our task is to protect people from unfair actions of the employer”, — Medvedev said on Thursday at a government meeting discussing the bill to increase the responsibility of employers for violation of terms and order of payment.

The Prime Minister noted that the bill proposes to increase the penalty for those who have already suffered administrative punishment, and increase the amount of monetary compensation to apply a progressive scale.

“If the delay in payment of wages exceeds six months, the employer is obliged to pay it with interest of not less than 1/150 of the key rate of the Central Bank”, — added the Prime Minister.