The Cabinet proposes to allocate to the regions 5 billion roubles to support employment

The Cabinet proposes to allocate to the regions 5 billion roubles to support employment

MOSCOW, January 14. /Corr. Tatiana Vinogradova/. The government proposes to send to the regions of the Russian Federation of 5 billion rubles on additional measures to support employment in 2016, is currently under risk of dismissal there are 631 thousand people. This is stated in the draft decree of the government of the Russian Federation, published on the Federal portal of projects of normative acts.

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“The volume of means of the Federal budget required to implement additional measures in the sphere of employment aimed at reducing tensions on the labor market of subjects of the Russian Federation will be about 5 billion rubles”, – stated in the explanatory note to the draft resolution.

According to the Ministry, in 2015, additional measures were implemented in 18 regions of the Russian Federation. Only in 2015 for these purposes was laid to 5.2 billion roubles, but in fact at the end of the year spent 3.9 billion rubles.

As of the end of December 2015, more than 60 thousand organizations said about past and upcoming layoffs.

The number fired from the beginning of 2015 in connection with liquidation or reduction of number or staff of workers of the organisations has reached to 633.3 thousand people, the document says. Compared with the January 2015 the number of employees, planned to be released, increased by 116,6 thousand people, or 49.8%, and at the end of December 2015 $ 350,9 thousand people.

As of the end of December 2015, more than 2.2 thousand enterprises said the workers were idle at the initiative of administration, working incomplete working hours, and employees who have been granted leave by agreement of the parties. Compared with January of 2015 the number of such workers increased by 119.4 thousand people or 74,1% and at the end of December 2015 amounted to 280.5 thousand people.

According to the Ministry of labor, the official unemployment in Russia for the last week of December increased by 1.3% and amounted to 960,6 thousand people. The overall unemployment calculated by the ILO methodology, according to Rosstat, grew from September to November 2015 to 400 million people. So, if in September, the overall unemployment rate stood at 4 million people or 5.2% of the economically active population, in November this figure increased to 5.8%, and the army of unemployed in Russia rose to 4.4 million people.