The head of the FAS with an injunction to call it “Gazprom” “national treasure”

The head of the FAS with an injunction to call it “Gazprom” “national treasure”

Moscow. January 14. The head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Igor Artemyev States that succeeded from advertising, Gazprom removed the word about national treasure.

In an interview with reporters on Thursday the head of the regulator explained that property can be people and the like – but not Gazprom.

Artemyev said that the question he put to a meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to the observations of the head of the FAS, about six months ago “Gazprom” has removed this claim from its advertising.

The series of videos “Gazprom” – national property” appeared on TV in 2003, the original movie only came out in the broadcasting company NTV, which is part of holding “Gazprom-Media”. Then were located on other leading channels. In 2006, the audience of the Federal channels could observe on the screens of video advertising “Gazprom” (in the framework of the program “Support of children’s sports”), which were United by the slogan “Dreams come true!” Now in the television advertising “Gazprom” it is told about the project “Power of Siberia”.

Advertising debut of “Gazprom” on television took place in 1997 with a series of clips shot by Director Timur Bekmambetov. The main character of the video that time was Dobrynya Nikitich, who told the TV audience about how important it is to pay for gas.