Gref: Russia has become downshifters because of the reluctance to engage in the development of technologies

MOSCOW, January 15. The head of Sberbank German Gref called Russia a country downshifters and stated that she lost the technology race in the global economy.

“We lost the competition, we have to be honest. And a technological enslavement, I would say that we were among the countries that lose in the list of countries of downshifters” – said the head of the largest Russian Bank in the course of the discussion at the Gaidar forum in 2016, organized by organized by the Ranepa and the Gaidar Institute.

According to Gref, now the winners are those countries that were able to adapt and invest in technology development.

“Countries that have not had time to adapt to their own economy, will be much lower. The gap will be greater than during the last industrial revolution,” he said.

The energy crisis in the world

According to Gref, the new technologies will change all of society, business, every citizen personally, and the most dramatic changes will occur at this level.

Due to the development of new technologies and the transition to new energy sources, there are crises in other industries. Electricity and transportation are two components that consume the most of our hydrocarbons, 18% and 56% respectively, said the head of Sberbank.

“There is a radical change. In China by the end of 2016-early 2017 to 70 gigawatts of installed capacity will give the sun. Sun, wind, bioenergy – together is 230 gigawatt installed capacity, plus 330 gigawatt hydropower. Gigawatt 560 total installed capacity is renewable energy. For comparison, this is two and a half times more than the entire installed capacity of the Russian Federation”, – quoted the example Gref.

Oil age, and how stone ended

According to the forecast of the banker if China will continue to create alternative energy today at the same pace, the country will consume up to 45% less than traditional energy sources. This is especially true of coal, which develops and markets Russia and other hydrocarbons.

“You could say that this era (the dominance of hydrocarbons – approx. ed) in the past. The stone age ended not because we ran out of stones. Similarly, you can say that the oil age is over. Will the remainder, perhaps 10 years, to until the entire infrastructure of electric vehicles will be deployed”, – said Gref.