In the registry of domestic software will be taken about thirty IT products

In the registry of domestic software will be taken about thirty IT products

The establishment of a register would mean that the government customers, buying those or other software products, will need to mainly use products from the registry, said the Minister Nikolai Nikiforov.

MOSCOW, 15 Jan. The first 30 software Russian IT companies in the near future will be included in the registry of domestic software (SW), said the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov.

The registry is created pursuant to the law and regulations of the government on which the government agencies under the procurement should give preference to domestic software. To choose they can from the registry. The government can buy foreign if there is no Russian counterpart, but will have to provide justification.

“The inclusion in the register will be in the coming days. We received over 100 applications. Fully filled, correctly signed with electronic signature about 30. That’s 30 applications is now at the stage of issuing the expert opinions and I am sure that in the near future will be formally already in the registry,” said Nikiforov to journalists on the sidelines of the Gaidar forum at the Ranepa 2016.

“This will mean that customers buying certain software products in these categories will be mainly use products from the registry. Of course, they can try to Express their willingness to buy foreign software, but in this case, I think, will be very serious problems with Russian suppliers, and the Antimonopoly service and the accounting chamber”, — said the Minister.

“I am convinced that this soft form of regulation will allow us to smoothly pivot to pre-emptive Russian for Russian taxpayers’ money,” added the Minister.

He did not specify what products companies will soon get into the registry and advised to wait for the insertion. “There are a lot of well-known Russian companies, they are all hearsay,” he said.