MP: in transit from Ukraine through Kazakhstan will not bring Russia losses

MP: in transit from Ukraine through Kazakhstan will not bring Russia losses

When in the single economic space for the same country some state opponent, and another to the other, it creates difficulties, said state Duma Deputy Mikhail Emelyanov, commenting on the Ukrainian transit of goods through Kazakhstan.

MOSCOW, 15 Jan. Russia’s economy will not suffer serious losses due to the transit of Ukrainian goods through Kazakhstan to bypass Russia, believes first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on economic policy Mikhail Emelyanov (“Fair Russia”).

Earlier, first Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev said that the Republic will work well on the transit of Ukrainian goods through its territory to bypass Russia.

“I don’t think we can talk about serious loss in the size of our economy. Of course, it is regrettable that our partners so proudly claim it. Still, the unity of economic space presupposes some kind of coordination of foreign policy. It is very difficult in the common economic space, if one country a state opponent for the other friend,” said Emelyanov.

“I would like more coordination of foreign policy, especially given the actions that Ukraine has taken against Russia, of the events that took place in Ukraine, I mean the coup and the genocide against Donbass. The issue here is a moral dimension, something to be proud of?”, — the Deputy added.

“In my opinion, the Russian transit is much more important for Kazakhstan”, — said the MP.

Russia since January 1 has suspended to Ukraine, the agreement on the CIS free trade zone and imposed customs duties to protect its market from an influx of duty-free goods from the EU. In addition, Ukraine introduced a grocery embargo for countries that supported anti-Russian sanctions. According to the decree of the President of Russia, cargo transportation from Ukraine to Kazakhstan via Russia will only be implemented from the territory of Belarus and subject to the availability of the GLONASS system.