Putin approved the creation of a unified system of administration of tax and non-tax payments

NOVO-Ogaryovo, January 15. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has approved the creation of a unified system of administration of tax and non-tax payments to the Federal tax service, Federal customs service and the Federal alcohol market regulatory service.

“Well,” said the President in response to the invitation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Prime Minister suggested at the meeting with the head of state “to establish a uniform system of administration of tax and non-tax payments within the system of the Ministry of Finance”. “So within the system preserved the Federal tax service, which is responsible for the overall guidance, administration and collection of taxes. Also immersed in this system of the Federal customs service, which collects customs duties, and, accordingly, to translate it into the same methodological rails running in currently the Federal tax service. And translate in the same system service for alcohol market regulation”, – said the Prime Minister.

Medvedev added that the relevant draft presidential decree has been made by the Cabinet of Ministers the head of state.

Putin said Medvedev, who will be responsible for administration of pension payments. The Prime Minister said that pension payments and payments to social funds will also be transferred to this system, and administration charges will keep FTS, using the same methods as with tax payments. “So you get a unified system for the administration, collection and, accordingly, future use of all tax and non-tax payments”, – said the Prime Minister.

The need to establish a unified mechanism for the administration of tax, customs and other fiscal payments, Putin said in the message to the Federal Assembly in December 2015. Then he noted that due to the schemes for the payment of customs duties, excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco, fuels and lubricants budget annually loses hundreds of billions of rubles. “This is a direct theft”, – said the head of state.