Rostec: the Bank will not be sanitized, but it is possible to find an investor

Rostec: the Bank will not be sanitized, but it is possible to find an investor

Anchor Bank “Rostec” came under U.S. sanctions. On Thursday evening, the representative of Novikombank reported that the organization held in check by the CBR has been planned.

MOSCOW, 15 Jan. Under U.S. sanctions, the Bank (anchor Bank “Rostec”) will not be sanitized, but currently produced the decision to find an investor, said the official representative of “Rostec”.

The Bank on Thursday night said that passing the Bank at the moment, check the CBR has been planned. The regulator in the course of work provided the Bank with a number of recommendations for improving the Bank’s asset quality, as well as improving the Bank adopted procedures of capital management.

“We have no exact final decision on the investors. In principle, we are able to look for them, but that there were some official talks, to speak while early”, — reported in “assistance”, stating that “the Bank financial rehabilitation will not be”.

Rostec has confirmed the upcoming personnel changes: the Bank will be headed by Vice-President of the Bank Pavel Ivanov. The current Chairman of the Board Ilya Gubin, who served as head of the Bank since 2009, the credit organization will not leave, and to deal with strategic issues.

In “assistance” also have not confirmed media reports that the Central Bank has identified a “hole” in the balance sheet.

USA in late December, expanded sanctions list against Russia, including a number of subsidiaries of Sberbank and VTB, and the Bank, GenBank, Bank “Tver”, Krayinvestbank, Sevastopol marine Bank, as well as Interbank and Mosoblbank, under sanctions SMP Bank.